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MindBodyPinnacle Health - Psychiatrist in Laurel, MD & Washington D.C.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services at MindBodyPinnacle in Laurel, MD & Washington D.C

MindBodyPinnacle Health specializes in comprehensive psychiatric care across all ages, from children to seniors. Our expertise spans Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar and Psychotic Disorders, ensuring tailored treatment for every patient. With a focus on personalized, holistic care, we're your trusted partner in navigating mental wellness challenges. Embrace a balanced future with MindBodyPinnacle, where innovation meets compassion in psychiatric services.

your health our priority

Depression, a condition that often disrupts daily life at home, school, or work, can cause considerable distress. A blend of therapy and medication is frequently successful in helping individuals regain control of their mental well-being

Depression Disorders
​Depression Disorders

While anxiety can be a natural response to uncertainty, when it becomes overwhelming or persists, seeking appropriate treatment can provide life-changing relief.

Anxiety & Panic
​Anxiety & Panic

Trauma disorders can result from distressing experiences like loss, violence, or severe injuries. Seek assistance to overcome both the symptoms and the underlying trauma.

Trauma Disorders
​Trauma Disorders

Conditions such as ADHD, which can have adverse effects on behavior at home, school, or work, can be a significant source of distress. A combination of therapy and medication is frequently effective in assisting individuals in regaining control.


MindBodyPinnacle Mental Health in MD & D.C offers care tailored to individual needs

  • At MindBodyPinnacle Health, we proudly serve the communities of Maryland and Washington D.C., offering a wide range of psychiatric services both in-person and through online telehealth options. Our commitment to a community-centric approach enables us to connect closely with our patients, ensuring each treatment plan is precisely customized to meet your individual needs. For those who favour the convenience and privacy of remote consultations, we provide secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth sessions. 

  • We specialize in providing top-tier psychiatric services with the unique option of scheduling appointments within 24 hours, both for in-person visits and online telehealth sessions.


    Our approach prioritizes quick engagement with you, enabling us to render personalized care without further delay.​​​​

  • Our team of top psychiatrists in Maryland and Washington, D.C. are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care, leveraging the latest advancements in mental health treatments and therapies.

  • Our clinic offers affordable self-pay options and accepts a wide range of insurance plans to ensure our psychiatric services are accessible to everyone in Maryland and Washington D.C. We are dedicated to providing flexible payment solutions and simplifying the insurance process to make high-quality mental health care affordable and stress-free. Contact us to explore the best payment option for you

MindBodyPinnacle in MD & D.C are here to help you!
MindBodyPinnacle Health here to help you!
Personalized care, crafted for you​​
from MindBodyPinnacle Mental Health in MD & D.C

Leveraging the latest research and our extensive practical experience, we're focused on delivering the highest quality of care right from the initial diagnosis. At MindBodyPinnacle Health, we're all about providing compassionate, personalized support to help you navigate your mental health journey.

Psychiatric Services

Therapy Services

What people are saying about ​MindBodyPinnacle in MD & D.C

Nicole Levin

Amazing experience. Dr. Ajani has helped me a lot this past year and has made a positive impact in my life through her professional help. I would recommend her to anyone suffering through mental health!


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Nanaama Idun

This was my first time searching for and receiving mental health help. Dr.Ajani has continued to provide me great help and support and pointed me in directions when I needed help finding a psychologist as well. I'm very grateful to have her as a provider.


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Jeremiah Tindol

I was new to the area needing to establish care and I looked at a lot of providers. Dr.Ajani has been super helpful, compassionate and understanding. She’s makes it easy to manage your mental health. She is just a phone call away no matter the need.


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David Burke

Dr. Ajani is an excellent Psychiatrist. Her practice is always available on phone for any questions and she's easily reachable through email if any matter comes up. Pricing is reasonable for the repeat visits and medication is always put towards the pharmacy promptly after the appointment.


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You deserve a life filled with hope and happiness, and that life is just a first step away. Reach out, and let's walk this path together.

Don't wait for tomorrow to find the joy and balance you seek. Book your appointment with MindBodyPinnacle Mental Health in Laurel, MD & Washington D.C now.

Accepted Insurance Providers

For your convenience, we’re proud to be in-network with a majority of insurance plans and are continually striving to broaden our coverage, we also accept self-pay as well

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